PhD is about making The Difference. We don’t just deliver sports nutrition, we deliver Performance nutrition that inspires and enables you to achieve your performance-driven goals. From the very beginning in 2005, we have delivered clean and honest products designed to make the difference to your performance. PhD have always believed that quality performance nutrition is the final piece in the jigsaw that closes the circle of preparation and completes your ability to drive towards your goals. Quality nutrition in the form of solid food is always the number one requirement towards a successful performance plan, whether this is in the gym for a new PB, on the track, in the saddle or on the pitch. Undeniably linked with great nutrition comes hard work. Nobody achieved anything without hard work. Back in 2005 sports nutrition was full of disingenuous products from the USA, marketed with ridiculous claims, “Gain 10lbs in 2 weeks”, “Lose 10lbs in 2 weeks” and the PhD founders were tired of reading the rubbish. The necessity for honesty and a genuine message is why PhD was born. It was born out of a need. No one believes that a protein powder is going to add 10lbs of muscle in 2 weeks and if you do, you need a reality check, because you are going to be disappointed. So after we accept that back breaking, gut wrenching hard work is a pre-requisite of success, that 5am starts are going to be the norm, not the exception and that we need great food to help feed our bodies with enough calories to sustain the hard work, we then get to look at the difference PhD can make and where genuine performance nutrition has its undeniable place.


I’ve heard it before, “I can do all this with food”, “I don’t need protein powders, or bars”. My answer has always been the same and it is becoming more and more applicable as modern life adapts even more so to daily regimes and responsibilities. Try eating chicken & rice after a 60 minute weights session, try getting the same energy and performance spike before training from a piece of fruit as you can from a great pre-workout energiser, try replicating the slow release effects of a great Micellar Casein-based powder before bed and try find a food source as bio-available and as assimilated as quickly as whey protein. How about finding a great tasting snack that delivers 25 grams of protein with only 1 gram of sugar when you’re on the way to catch a train, have 5 minutes spare and can’t afford to ruin your macros for the day. Try finding an alkalising plant based protein food source that tastes great, delivers a big protein hit without the sugars you get from a basic juice drink or one of the many bottled greens drinks you find in the chiller (those that you know are just sugar, in the same way as you know squeezed fruit juice is sugar). You can’t do any of the above and make it fit into your performance driven lifestyle and that’s where performance nutrition from PhD makes the difference. When everything else is on point, you work hard in the gym, your mind is already in performance-mode and you are driven to achieve, that’s when the last 15% of your plan delivers the vital results. PhD deliver the vital ingredients to enable you to hit your performance driven goals.