I’ve heard it before, “I can do all this with food”, “I don’t need protein powders, or bars”. My answer has always been the same and it is becoming more and more applicable as modern life adapts even more so to daily regimes and responsibilities. Try eating chicken & rice after a 60 minute weights session, try getting the same energy and performance spike before training from a piece of fruit as you can from a great pre-workout energiser, try replicating the slow release effects of a great Micellar Casein-based powder before bed and try find a food source as bio-available and as assimilated as quickly as whey protein. How about finding a great tasting snack that delivers 25 grams of protein with only 1 gram of sugar when you’re on the way to catch a train, have 5 minutes spare and can’t afford to ruin your macros for the day. Try finding an alkalising plant based protein food source that tastes great, delivers a big protein hit without the sugars you get from a basic juice drink or one of the many bottled greens drinks you find in the chiller (those that you know are just sugar, in the same way as you know squeezed fruit juice is sugar). You can’t do any of the above and make it fit into your performance driven lifestyle and that’s where performance nutrition from PhD makes the difference. When everything else is on point, you work hard in the gym, your mind is already in performance-mode and you are driven to achieve, that’s when the last 15% of your plan delivers the vital results. PhD deliver the vital ingredients to enable you to hit your performance driven goals.


PhD is here for the everyday performer. Whether it’s your goal to succeed in your chosen sport or just in life in general, we deliver great tasting nutrition for the performance-driven Whether you use the gym to build lean muscle, to clear your mind and find your answers, get stronger or to support performance on the pitch, track or in the ring, PhD are here to Fuel the greatness within you. The gym lifestyle is for everyone, beginner or advanced and great Performance nutrition fits seamlessly with the mindset of progression. PhD was founded by gym-goers and is still run by gym goers, we understand what you need and strive to deliver, constantly and consistently. So keep moving forward, eat well, train hard, set goals, keep striving and fuel your body.


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