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Losing body fat is always the sensible approach to weight loss. It’s very important that to achieve sensible weight loss, that we preserve muscle tone and don’t lose the muscle we work hard in the gym to preserve and maintain. Losing weight is always a three pronged approach: Eat a great diet with high protein and managed carbohydrate and fat intake, then use great nutritional supplementation to top up the performance to maximum levels. High protein products like Diet Whey contain great levels of protein alongside many additional ingredients traditionally used successfully for fat loss, such as CLA, green tea and L Carnitine.


Whether developing lean muscle mass or maintaining what you have worked hard for, the primary aim is to ensure the muscle functions to the best of your ability. This isn’t easy, especially as the body ages beyond the 20s and 30s. Protein quality is vital, as is feeding the body with quality and highly bioavailable protein regularly, to ensure muscle isn’t lost during exercise and recovery throughout the day is optimised. PhD Performance nutrition has a superior range with delicious flavours including regular exclusives on this site.


Strength and performance go completely hand in hand for the athlete who is driven to achieve. Strength comes in many formats, but is still strength. Endurance is categorically still a type of strength, it is just vastly different from the strength required to perform a heavy one rep maximum dead lift or back squat. Performance is as equally intertwined and can belong to the long distance runner as much as it can be to the cross fitter, or the sprinter, or even the cyclist.


PhD Performance Nutrition delivers a premium array of products designed to help you endure more whether in short, repetitive bursts for impact sports like boxing, MMA and rugby, or longer for cycling, running and triathlons. We also have an array of products designed to help you remain explosive when it really counts. Explosive energy or endurance. You decide your goals and PhD have the products to make the difference.


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